Modi’s new twist to the Nehru jacket

The craze for Nehru jackets seems to climb the fever more and more with each passing day. And with winter being started in full bloom, people are getting more oriented towards getting a Nehru jacket for themselves. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in no manner behind in this fashion trend! He has been seen wearing a Nehru jacket styled clothing more often than not. Modi is the new political fashion icon and he is leaving no stone unturned in making a mark with his sense of style and grace. He is obviously giving the classic Nehru jacket a twist of his own. The Nehru jackets that he wears are being called the Modi jackets and there is a lot of demand for those in the market.

The Modi jacket is a revised version of the classical Nehru jacket. Instead of being short and made of khaki, it is made of silk and has half sleeves and also its length extends up till the waist. These “jackets” are more of kurtas and they are smart and cool and have made Modi to be on the fashion map. This attire has been designed by Modi’s personal tailor Bipin Chauhan, the owner of the clothing line Jade Blue. He is also planning to promote the Modi jacket in Britain, US and Southeast Asia. Of course, people love this look all over the world and Modi is being stated as the most fashionable Prime Minister that India has ever seen!

The Modi jacket has become a staple part of Modi’s look now and he wears this look wherever he goes. His sense of style is so influential that even the Chinese President Xi Jinping adopted this subtle attire and was seen sporting the “Modi look” on his recent Sabarmati visit to India.


Modi jackets have captured the market by a storm and are here to stay. The common people want this jacket to be a part of their identity too and the demand for this piece of clothing is witnessing a sharp increase with each passing day.

Just like Nehru jacket, the Modi jacket or kurta can be worn with anything and for any occasion. Be it a wedding, a business meeting or casual hanging out with friends, it will give you a stylish look with the essence of simplicity very much intact.

NaMo can very easily become a fashion line while the Prime Minister is busy capturing hearts around the globe with his impeccable sense of fashion and style. Many fashion gurus across the world are highly impressed by Modi’s little twist to the evergreen Nehru jacket and are more than willing to promote the look in their countries too.

Now we can only hope that our Prime Minister continues to dazzle us with his twists to conventional styles and keeps on inspiring us to try something new and great!

Passion for the ‘Modi Style’ Fashion: Nehru Jackets All the Way!

Fashion in Politics? Why not! If your job entails a lot of public appearances, it is best to look good. Being fashionable might be an additional requirement if you are a politician. In fact, there are some political leaders who are also fashion trendsetters. To name a few, Chinese leader Mao Zedong started the Zhongshan suit. Cuba leader Fidel Castro also started the use of track suits. The eye glasses worn by Sarah Pallin every time she appears on national TV could also be considered a fashion starter.

In India, a stylish jacket called ‘Nehru’ was first worn by their first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. It is a hip length coat with a mandarin collar. Because of its elegant appearance the Nehru jacket had its own transformation. Other political leaders seen using Nehru jackets are Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and former US President Bill Clinton.

From Nehru to Modi fashion …

The ‘new’ Nehru jacket is well presented by India’s latest Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Last September, Modi visited the United States wearing his bright-colored Nehru jackets. His fashion statement has also influenced his Cabinet members. In fact, some people changed the name of the jacket from Nehru to Modi jacket. Former Congressman Natwar Singh even called it a ‘sartorial choice’. Modi’s jacket collection is open or buttoned up in different bright and pastel colors. Modi proudly wears them during foreign visits. But according to Modi’s personal tailor, Bipin Chauhan, Modi never wears green Modi jacket because green is the color of Muslims.

Today, the Modi style is not just part of the Indian fashion, but has conquered the fashion industry globally; with some modifications of course. First, the Modi jacket style became unisex. Both male and female can now use the jacket as part of their own fashion taste. The length of the jacket for women may vary as well as the pattern. Women prefer bolder, brighter patterns with the sleeves made shorter. While men now choose pastel colored jackets like pink, baby blue and mint green.

To make the jacket stand out they also use stylish buttons and pockets. The jacket can go with a half-sleeved Modi kurta and a matching pajama for a more refined look. It can have single or double vents and may use materials like cotton, vinyl, velvet, sharkskin or wool. For a more contemporary appearance and to make the collar stand erect a hook is used. The jacket may or may not have pockets with stylish buttons.  If with pockets, the style is slanted or sided. Some Indian men also use their jackets with the dhoti pants or the Jodhpuri pants. The pants may have some pleats or none at all. And, to complete the wardrobe one can wear the Rajasthani juttis or Punjabi juttis.

Chauhan gets credit for the ‘Modi’ style of fashion. He owns Jade Blue clothing line and plans to penetrate the fashion industry in Britain, Southeast Asia and United States. The Modi fashion style is so popular today that it even has its own website –