Charisma of Tussar Silk

If you own even half a dozen Nehru Jackets, we won’t be surprised at all if a Charismatic Tussar Silk Jacket is one of them. From family functions to weddings, men wear Tussar Silk Jackets with absolute pride. But while these Jackets are easy to come by, not many men know enough about this variety of silk. So if you already own a few or are planning to buy a Tussar Silk Jacket, there’s no time like now to learn all about them.

  1. Desi Tussar silk are also known by the Sanskrit name, Kosa Silk. They are made from silk that is produced from silk worms that breed on wild forest trees, not mulberry trees.
  2. A lot of India’s Tussar silk Jacket production happens in Jharkhand & Bihar. In fact, the silk weaving industry in this region goes back over a century! Hence, Jharkhand Silk Jackets are just as popular.
  3. Tribal women who are trained in the art of Tussar Silk weaving can produce about 10 metres of the silk cloth in around three days.
  4. Though cheaper than mulberry silk, a genuine Tussar silk Jacket will still cost you anywhere between Rs.3000 to Rs.4000.
  5. While Tussar is more textured than mulberry silk, its shorter fibers make it less durable. That said, the porous fabric makes Tussar a comfortable choice even in our warm Indian summers.
  6. Tussar silk Jackets have a natural dull gold colour, which make them a great choice for Indian weddings. We wouldn’t be surprised if you already have a few embroidered Tussar Jackets with nature-inspired motifs in your own wardrobe.
  7. Tussar silk Jackets are delicate and need to be dry cleaned only. Store them in muslin bags to allow the fabric to breathe.
  8. The test of a genuine Tussar Jacket is to burn the edges slightly. If it smells like burnt hair rather than just leaving a solid residue, you know you have an original.

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What did the New Chief Minister of Jharkhand wore for his swearing ceremony? Nehru Jackets of course!

Nehru jackets have been in fashion since a very long time, and its hit stint in politics is also not a recent story. But hang on, the fashion might have started way long back, but it is still not gone! In fact, it is still very fresh in India and has jazzed up with many current styles and colors to give it a more modern look.

This was best proved by the recently elected Chief Minister of Jharkhand – Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader and five-time legislator Raghubar Das, who wore a dazzling red Nehru jacket to his swearing in ceremony and looked very smart in every inch of it. And it was designed none other than by Mulberry Lifestyle, of course!

JharkandCM 4

Although the current political fashion icon, who wears his own versions of Nehru jackets too, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was absent from this event due to bad weather, Das left no stone unturned in proving that he is a fashion icon himself.

Modi’s version of Nehru jacket has become a staple part of Modi’s look now and he wears this look everywhere he goes. His sense of style is so influential that even the Chinese President Xi Jinping adopted this simple, yet elegant attire and was seen sporting the “Modi look” on his earlier Sabarmati visit to India.

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What distinguishes the Nehru Jacket from a normal suit jacket is its mandarin collar, which was originally a part of the court dress in northern India. This collar is a short (1-2″ / stand-2-5 cm) stand-up collar that is not turned down and does not feature a lapel.

Everyone seems to be loving this style and this fashion is picking up in India at a fast pace.

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And not only politics, this subtle piece of fashion is capturing every scene of life these days. More and more young crowd is seen wearing Nehru jackets teamed up in very stylish ways in Indian weddings. Just teaming up the Nehru jacket with a traditional kurta pyjama and some or a formal shirt and a pair of well-tailored trousers can do wonders in the wedding attire, especially for men. But do not smile so soon! Ladies can carry off a Nehru jacket just as well. Just put on some light make-up and cool funky jewelry with the Nehru jacket and every one at the wedding would be turning again and again to admire you!

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 There is no other piece of clothing that is as versatile as Nehru jacket. From politicians to actors, guys and girls alike, students and young crowd giving it their own funky punch and of course, Nehru jackets are a favorite winter attire too. It is simple, comfortable and elegant and it will never go out of style. They are pure unadulterated classic attire that can be pulled off with anything and everything. So do not hesitate and buy the jacket now!

Support your elected leaders and buy a Nehru jacket for yourself!