The Wedding Collection

The Wedding Collection by Mulberry Lifestyle is a set of Jackets to complement the grand occasion. It is meant for the groom as well as all the guests attending the wedding. The Jackets are infused with traditional looks and feel, yet keeping it very chic and modern. It can be paired with Jodhpuri Pants, Denim or a simple trouser.

Camel color shoes and trouser works best with Jackets.

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Ways to Style the Nehru Jacket for the Indian Groom

Whether you are a modern Indian man who happens to marry a beautiful bride of Indian tradition, or just an avid fan of Indian fashion, you can never go wrong in picking this traditional Indian suit – the very charming and graceful Nehru Jacket for your wedding.

When it comes to grace and charm, then nothing can beat Nehru jackets. By knowing its controversial history and origin, people come to know how Nehru evolved in the fashion world, not only as a traditional piece of clothing carrying Indian’s pre-independence era, but also up to post-independence era with built-in evolution across Atlantic. It was the Beatles who introduced the jacket to the world, but was originated by the first prime minister in India.

Nonetheless, it is a formal suit that works best on grooms aiming to look elegant, at the same time create a unique fashion statement on his wedding day. Everyone is having a dream fashion wedding. For such a grand occasion, all grooms want to look their ethereal best and it would be smart enough to identify some ideas as to how Nehru jackets can be worn during weddings.

Rule #1: Match it with Jodhpurs

This is definitely perfect for the groom during a night time cocktail party, or casual mehendi on the morning. Experts in the fashion industry affirmed that a girl are attracted faster to a guy who wear fitting Nehru jacket matched with this type of pants. If you have heard about the “men in uniform”, then this makes you look like one from the polo field, and granting that Raghavendra Rathore have made this silhouette known to the world, you all have the opportunity to modify and choose alternate colors to work best. If you chose it for a Mehendi on the morning, always go with bright colors to shine brightly. When in night time, you might as well go with darker colors.

Rule #2: Pocket square and printed buttons

A groom is not limited with options for colors and designs, especially in India, where they embrace lots of cultures and beliefs, and technically, Indian culture is one the most colourful in culture, and their wedding is a riot of colors. For groom, as well as for his brother, the pocket square and printed buttons work best in such a way that it twists the fashion statement forward. At some point, Nehru jacket is simple and plain, but it will become fashionable when you integrate printed buttons on it. Keep in mind that the color of the jacket and the printed buttons and pockets should match well. For example, the red and brown button prints, it stands out against cream jacket.

Rule #3: Try out Ombre effect with Nehru Jacket

This is definitely perfect for Pooja because the soft powdered pink, blue and mint green work best in ombre shaded effect of Nehru jackets.  This type of fashion must be worn in a classical way, which means keep the rest of your appearance with kurta or white shirt, and allow the shadings and effects of the colors do the thing. Too many colors will create a fashion disaster, and it is not good for such grand occasion.

Rule #4: Pair it with kurta

Choose dhoti over churidar to look better. Basically, you just have to colorblock your jacket against the kurta, and allow it to speak for itself.  But, if you want to push the limit, use Tarun Tahiliani’s classic design by pairing the dhoti with your jacket.

Rule #5:  Pick a classic shirt to be tucked out with slacks

This style is definitely perfect for the groom’s friend, but can also be worn for the groom himself.  Just a pair of slacks and a white shirt tucked out with a classic Nehru jacket on the upper part would make you look effortlessly suave and casual at the same time.

The attire for Indian wedding that you choose to wear does not only represent your faith to your bride, but also reflects your character and taste of clothing. How well you carry your attire will greatly replicate your personality as a whole. Not only in Indian culture, but for all cultures, a wedding is the most symbolic celebration, and taking care of your attire is far one of the most important preparation. If you are planning to wed outside India, you can still search a number of online retailers offering you reasonable prices. Nehru attire makes a powerful fashion statement, much more when incorporate a right blend, you don’t need to worry about how well you entrain fashion in your wedding anymore.