Nehru Jacket, Ladies and Indian Weddings: How the ladies can carry off a Nehru Jacket in style!

So it’s the wedding season and all a girl wants is to look unique and pretty while attending an Indian wedding! Move over the traditional dresses which you wear in a wedding. The lehengas, suits and all those traditional stuff need a little spicing up!

Enter Nehru jackets! The super chic and ethnic Nehru jackets can add a dash of chicness to the way you dress up for a wedding. So ladies, throw that boring blouse away and don on a Nehru jacket instead of it and team it up with a sexy sari. Trust us, you will look absolutely stunning! Buy a pair of cool heels and pull of this look with exuberance!

And Nehru jackets can be used as a shirt counterpart for your pretty lehengas too. Buy a stylish and loud Nehru jacket and a heavy lehenga. Team them up with a colorful dupatta and voila, you will look ravishing and definitely will stand out in the crowd.

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The Nehru jacket is an all-time classic outfit and this style is here to stay, so why not take full advantage of it? Surprise everyone with a new and stylish look this wedding season and hold your head high! You will be surprised at the number of heads that you will be turning as people will obviously love your daring and bold look.

Nehru jacket might be considered as a guy’s outfit but a girl can pull off the look with more finesse and style. A proper fitting Nehru jacket can really accentuate a girl’s look and which girl will not want that? Put on some light make-up and some cool jewelry as your Nehru jacket will be loud enough to show everyone how great you are looking.

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The best thing is that almost everything goes with a Nehru jacket. That means half the problem solved as girls need and take a lot of time to decide what to wear and what not to wear at a wedding!

In case you are a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding, you can pop up this idea of wearing identical Nehru jackets and teaming them up with a sari or a lehenga. It will be really unique and will blow away everybody’s mind! And the pictures will come out to be great and bright too. Just give it a try once!

A Nehru jacket has always been more of an ethnic wear, so there is absolutely no harm in experimenting with it at a fat Indian wedding. Girls need to be more out there with a Nehru jacket. Give some competition to all the guys out there and prove it to them that you can pull of a Nehru jacket Indian wedding look in a far better way than they could even imagine to!

The new Delhi University rage: Girls and Nehru jackets

When it comes to flaunting the latest fashion, Delhi University girls are always at the forefront! Be it harem pants or the palazzos, everything was first found to be worn by a Delhi University girl!


And so is the latest rage of the Nehru jackets. Everyone seems to be mesmerized with the haute couture of the ravishing Nehru jackets. If you live in New Delhi and travel on the yellow line a lot, you can see a lot of young DU girls sporting this jacket in a bold and confident way.

If you think wearing Nehru jacket is a man’s job, please think again! Many girls have adored this fashion and making the most of the various designs that are currently available in the market. With designers like Rohit Bal, JJ Valaya, Vikram Phadnis, Abu-Sandeep Khosla and Tarun Tahiliani designing great Nehru jackets for all the ladies out there, this fashion is here to stay!


But it is not necessary that you have to wear a designer label jacket to look your best. There are many Nehru jackets that are readily available in local markets for reasonable prices. Since this rage is increasing in DU girls, the markets near the North Campus and the South Campus areas are seeing an overflow of Nehru jacket varieties for girls. You can get these jackets for very cheap prices in markets like Kamla Nagar and Sarojini Nagar.

With winters in almost full bloom in Delhi and NCR, girls are opting more and more to don on a Nehru Jacket and make a great style statement. You can see plenty of young girls flaunting Nehru jackets flocking the roads of Delhi University campus. These girls are no lesser than the fashion models and actresses who set a trend with something and then it kinds of sticks around for a long time. And this time, the trend of chic Nehru jackets is here to stay for a long time. By adding a Nehru jacket to her wardrobe, a girl can do millions of permutation and combination to mix and match her clothes, especially in the winter time where jackets make or break your look. And for the girls at DU, there is always a silent competition on the go as to which girl looks the best. It is all about looking your best in college time, right? You are young and you can experiment with new fashion!

Girls pair the Nehru jacket with almost anything. Team it up with a pair of jeans and a top and add a punch with your high boot, or wear a Jodhpuri chappal and you can still rock the look. Nehru jackets go really well with ethnic wear also, so if you have ethnic day coming up in your college, just team up your outfit with a Nehru jacket and expect to win the competition!

If DU has adored this fashion, it is best that you adore it too. After all, you do not want to be left behind in this race of looking your best!