How To Style Your Nehru Jacket with Modern Attire? A Comprehensive Guide

Why limit your choices to just jeans and t-shirt or kurta and pyjama when Nehru Jacket can provide you with a lot of new options to choose from! Though these jackets get their name from the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, he did not wear it as much as we think he did. Also, he wore an attire which resembles the today’s Nehru Jackets. At first, these jackets were made from Khadi only, but as days passed and fashion changed, they started coming in silk and cotton fabrics as well. So, we bring you ways in which you can style your favourite Nehru Jackets with modern attire to get classic as well as modern look.

  1. Indian Bottoms

Bottoms like dhoti and pyjama go perfectly well with Nehru jackets. The modern pyjamas come with many variations and Nehru jackets compliment them well. You can look a perfect desi boy by pairing a silk or khadi Nehru jacket with contrast colour pyjama or dhoti!

  1. Pants

Nehru jackets are not meant only for wedding or similar kind of occasions. You can also wear them to casual occasions. Pair it with a casual shirt and dark pants in order to get a casual look! You can leave the buttons open to get even more casual look.

  1. Trousers

Nehru jackets can look as formal as any other attire! Nehru jackets in colours like black, blue, white, grey when paired with formal trousers can give you the perfect formal look. Well-tailored and buttoned-up Nehru jackets will never fail to make you look smart.

  1. Denims

Though it sounds odd, you can definitely pair denims with Nehru jackets. Everyone is extremely comfortable in denims and that’s the reason you should pair it with Nehru jacket to change the trend! Pair a Nehru jacket made from light fabric with contrasting shirt and blue denims to get that sporty look!

Try pairing these versatile and evergreen Nehru jackets with all these modern bottoms. As always, Nehru jackets will give you the desired look without any efforts! Apart from the plain classic ones, they come in various designs, colours and fabrics will change the complete look of the Nehru jackets. From silk to khadi to pure cotton, you can choose anything you like and pair it with bottom of you feel comfortable in! One thing you need to keep in mind for sure, never hesitate to experiment!

Mind-Boggling Variety of Nehru Jackets That You Should Know About!

An apparel worn by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, Nehru jacket is a waist tailored coat made for men. It is extremely versatile and never goes out of trend. Be it a casual meeting or a formal one, Nehru jackets make the perfect outfit! Like any other thing, Nehru jackets too have evolved over the years and here are types of Nehru Jackets that are currently trending!

  1. Linen Nehru Jackets

Linen is a fabric, which is just perfect for the summers and Nehru jackets when made from linen fabric provide extreme comfort. Linen Nehru jackets provide an Indian as well as semi-formal look which is perfect for almost every occasion. Given the Linen fabric, these jackets are extremely light and therefore perfect for the summer!

  1. Checked Nehru Jacket

The name itself suggests that these jackets come with checked design which makes them completely opposite to the classic plain jackets. The checked design can have various sizes, but generally the bigger checked jackets look awesome! They give you a modern look and is perfect for formal as well as informal occasions. The fabrics for this jacket can vary from anything like cotton to polyester.

  1. Double Breasted Nehru Jackets

This is one of the most beautiful evolutions of Nehru Jacket. They come under the category of ‘Latest Hot Trends for Men’. These jackets have two columns of buttons on the outside which make you look smarter. Not only young, even other age group people can carry this style with ease. This jacket not only makes you look slimmer but gives you a formal look as well.

  1. Striped Nehru Jacket

Gone are the days when Nehru jackets came only in plain colours! Now, it’s time to add some spice to that classic style and so here is another printed Nehru jacket- Striped Nehru Jacket. These jackets provide men a classy look and all you need to do is get the right stripes for you! Generally, go for vertical stripes as they make you look thinner. Striped Nehru Jackets when paired with right bottoms look extremely smart!

  1. Silk Nehru Jacket

Want to get that perfect Indian Wedding look? Then, Silk Nehru Jackets are the perfect for you! Silk Nehru Jackets come with shiny bright colours that is perfect for a classic Indian wedding. Pair it with contrasting coloured pyjama to complete the traditional look. Just do not wear it in summer and humid climate as it will make you sweat.

These were some of the most famous types of Nehru Jackets this century. Though these types are famous, the old classic Plain Nehru Jacket has not lost its fame! Even today, it can be worn to almost every occasion without looking outdated. The versatility of these jackets keep them in the trend and they are undoubtedly going to rule the men’s fashion for many more years to come!

Guide to the Latest & Emerging Popular Fabrics

With the entire world taking a step towards greener earth, the fashion industry is no way lagging! Not only are the fashion trends changing, but the fabrics are also changing to help the initiative of sustainable earth. While some are made from recycled material, some have changed the manufacturing process to reduce the amount of energy and water used. Here are popular emerging fabrics who will rule the fashion industry in the upcoming years!

  1. Newlife

The world is worried with the disposal of plastic and here comes a fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles! Amazing idea, isn’t it? Newlife is a polyester yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles in Italy. It also comes at very cheap price which helps to reach larger masses. As it is made from mechanical means, it uses 60% less energy and 94% less water. So, Newlife not only solves the problem of plastic disposal but also saves natural resources!

  1. Cupro

This is the next generation cotton fabric for sure! It is recovered from cotton liner which feels like rayon but regulates body temperature like cotton. Cos and Donna Karan are some of the top brands that make extensive use of this fabric. It is often seen as a substitute for silk as it gives a soothing effect.

  1. Roica

There is always a need of stretch fabric in fashion industry and here comes the ‘Roica’ which is not only stretchable but sustainable as well. It is first ever of its kind and is made from reclaimed pre-industrial waste! It has potential applications in sportswear and lingerie. Reports suggest that soon Mark and Spencers will be launching a sports bra made out of this fabric.

  1. Ecotec

Made in Italy, Ecotec is the first and the only fabric will is made from certified manufacturing process using pre-dyed and pre-consumer recycled cotton! It not only reduces the amount of waste as it is a recycled fabric, it also reduces the energy and water required in making the process. It is termed as a ‘versatile fabric’ by Bettoni as it can be used for any purpose.

  1. Re.Verso

Made from upcycled wool, Re.Verso is a teamwork of C.L.A.S.S. and three Italian mills namely, Nuova Fratelli Boretti, Lanifico Stelloni and Green Line. The Green Line sources waste yarn all over Italy, Nuova Fratelli Boretti produces yarn for spinning and Lanifico Stelloni converts this yarn into fabric. It uses almost 89% less water, 76% less energy and reduces carbon emissions upto 96%. Gucci used this sustainable fabric for a men’s overcoat for Autumn Collection 2015.

These are some of the most popular and one of their kind fabrics which help in maintaining the greenery of our Mother Earth. Made from recycled materials with reduced amount of natural resources used, these fabrics are going to soon dominate the fashion industry and give us all a new experience for sure! As an endeavour towards a greener planet, we, at Mulberry Life will also try to adapt these materials into our products and save Mother Nature!

Emerging Trends in Fashion

Indian choices and apparels are changing with time and it is helping the clothing business flourish with new and exciting ideas in the market. Indian clothing which was mostly about highlighting the country’s cultural heritage, is gradually aligning itself to more exposed and globally accepted in trend fashion.

The Indian fashion market now is slowly pacing from hand stitched and tailored clothes to readymade in showroom apparels. Because of this ,and plus the globalisation, a lot of brands have been able to expose themselves and taste great success.

We researched and noticed some of the emerging trends in clothing and jotted down the top 5 for you.

  1. Nehru Jackets

Popularised by our first prime- minister “Jawaharlal Nehru”, these jackets have been back in the trend since somewhere around 2010 and now are being styled with many variety of apparels for men and women. Nehru Jacket was listed amongst the top 10 global political fashion statements of all times by the Time magazine.

The Nehru jacket shares its lineage from The Northern Indian “achkan”, a closed-neck, and coat like garment usually considered a court dress for Indian nobility.

Fabrics used to make this garment can vary from Cotton linen to Self printed cotton and from Raw silk to Velvet.

  1. Fusion Saree

Mostly worn by Bollywood Divas, it is one of the most upcoming trend. It has been in the trend since long, since the Lakme Fashion week took them over the box and revolutionised it really seriously.

Fusion sarees can be styled in various ways like Saree with Tunic, Saree with Leggings, Saree Gown, Cape Saree, Saree with colour pleats, Dhoti Saree and Saree with Trains.

  1. Long kurta with slits

This most certainly is an absolute wardrobe essential for the season. The best part about this attire is that you can dress it up depending on the occasion. For work you can wear them with comfortable and trendy flats. For a date just put on heels and some similar accessories, and there you go.

  1. Lehenga

If you are going out of dresses to make a style statement, pair your already worn lahenga adorned with designs and exclusive patterns with a casual choli, top, tunic etc. It looks amazing without being too dressy- perfectly suitable for casual as well as traditional gatherings.

  1. Palazzo pants: As trendy as the season gets. They have been in trend since a very very long time and for good. They can be styled in the most chic way with a variety of top wear.

So, are you ready to be a fashionista in your own right with the correct fashion choices and with adequate style to boot!

The Top 5 Fashion Trends for Summer 2018

It is 21st century and fashion is changing almost everyday. If today skinny denims are in fashion, then tomorrow trousers may replace them! All thanks to the budding designers. If fashion changes everyday, it has to change when it comes to a new season is approaching. So, here are top 5 fashion trends you should definitely opt for in summer 2018.

  1. Pastel colours

Summer and spring is all about fresh flowers and colours and therefore no doubt, the pastel colours are in trend. Wearing pastel colours like cream, sky blue, and yellow will bring out your sweet-side and make you look fresh! You can wear the same pastel colour from top to bottom or wear a combination of many of them. Get all those ice-cream candy colours and be the ‘Ice-cream girl of the season’.

  1. Crayola Brights

The paint box brights are still in trend which gives you confidence and makes you look irresistible. Get that head-to-toe look with those brights and see how fierce and strong you look this summer! Go for proper combination of brights for tops and bottoms, else you would end up looking a fashion disaster.

  1. Decent exposure

This summer you need not get those heavy evening gowns or dresses. A little exposure will always look good and this is the hottest trend of summer 2018! Beat the heat with sheer tops and dresses with contrasting inners that not only make you look hot but are extremely comfortable! Sheer dresses or tops with intricate detailing is also trending.

  1. Double denims

We never knew that double denims would make such a great comeback in fashion industry! Look bold with the head-to-toe denim look this summer. Everything from denim shirts to denim skirts to denim dresses is in fashion this summer and doubling denim will cause no harm but will make you look unique!

  1. Floral prints

A season of fresh flowers all around, floral prints are a necessity to summer season and like always it is trending this summer as well. This fashion trend has been ruling the summer wardrobes of thousands of women since ages and it continues to do so. Short floral dresses make you look fresh and cute. Apart from short dresses, the floral tops or maxi dresses look beautiful and are extremely comfortable as well!

These are top 5 fashion trends of summer 2018 which are easy to adopt to and require minimal effort. All these trends are not totally new, but are modifications of the previous summer trends. For example, denims have always been in fashion, but doubling them is the trend of this season! One thing to remember is never overdo the trends or mix them up too much. It will definitely grab attention but from fashion police! So, remember to keep it simple this summer so that look good along with being comfortable!

Where to buy Nehru jacket online?

Nehru jacket is a coat worn by both men and women that resembles a sherwani or achkan. It is a hip-length coat with a mandarin collar. It has a cultural evolution as India had been influenced by various invaders hence the lifestyle has also evolved accordingly.

The Nehru jacket has evolved since the 10th century but that garment was not worn as a half suit. It was worn as shirts under a full-length coat and not solely as a coat. The design kept on changing and it was inspired by the frocks worn by the Mughals which were called ‘Kurta’ and was paired with a waistcoat or full-length coat. The kurta also evolved and with some changes was known by the name ‘Achkan’. Achkan is popular in present times as well. Achkan or Sherwani are popular among the Indian and are worn in festive occasions giving an ethnic look. 

Nehru jackets became popular from the 1940s and till date, it has its charm in mostly every male wardrobe. Nehru jackets are in trend even among women and girls these days. It was earlier known as ‘Band Gale Ka Coat’ meaning ‘Closed Neck Coat’. Achkan and Nehru jackets are more or less similar in design except for the length. The length of Achkan falls below the knees whereas Nehru jackets barely cover the hips. The most interesting fact about Nehru jacket is that Pandit Nehru never wore a Nehru jacket. The name of the jacket was inspired by the type of Kurta or Achkan he wore. Pandit Nehru was himself a fan of Sherwani and we usually wore a Sherwani. This brought the similarity in the names of the two outfits.

Nehru jacket is a very elegant formal wear that can be worn over a collarless shirt paired with trousers though some people also wear a collared shirt too but it suppresses the look of the jacket. It can be worn over kurta pyjama that look classy and ladies can wear it over kurti. It is available in various fabrics such as brocade, khadi, silk, merino wool or cashmere depending upon the climate in which it is to be worn.

So if you are looking for an elegant Nehru jacket for both men and women, you should visit Mulberry Lifestyle to shop it online. The Nehru jackets are available in all sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. You can shop from various prints and looks of your choice. Mulberry Lifestyle is one stop shop for your entire ethnic look requirement.

Shop with elegance without worrying about the fabric of the garment as Mulberry Lifestyle deals in quality products so that you are satisfied and it also offers easy browsing experience and hassle-free deliveries on time. Online payment and COD are also available. Enhance your look by shopping online from our wide collection of Nehru jacket at best price while sitting at home and enjoying the shopping experience at your comfort.


Attending a special occasion? Worried about what to wear and look classy? Why worry when you have printed Nehru jackets in your wardrobe? Nehru jackets, popularly known as Modi Jacket nowadays, has been in trend since many years. Nehru jackets have seen a lot of transformation, printed Nehru jackets being the latest. Men can get that perfect ethnic and sophisticated look at the same time by wearing such printed Nehru jackets. They look perfect only when styled properly. So, here are five ways in which you can style printed Nehru jackets and look classic!

  1. Plain classic shirts

When plain classic shirts are styled with printed Nehru jackets, you look effortlessly stylish. If you are in a hurry, then just put on a pair of blue jeans, a crisp plain shirt and printed Nehru jacket. Plain classic shirts can be tucked in to get a more formal look and tuck out for a casual occasion!

  1. Kurta

Heading for a wedding? Pair your printed Nehru jacket with a plain kurta and you are all set to rock the occasion! Kurtas along with these jackets are a real savior for men in wedding season. They give men the perfect ethnic look with minimal effort. Make sure you pair a kurta with contrasting color as that of the jacket so that the jacket stands out bold. You can go for pyjamas or dhoti when it comes to bottom wear.

  1. Formals

Printed Nehru jackets are extremely versatile and that’s the reason why it a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The printed Nehru jacket when styled along with basic formals can make you look like a perfect gentleman. When you step out in basic formals and a printed Nehru jacket, you are ought to be noticed by every girl out there!

  1. Shorts

Want to look casual and outright classy at the same time in a pair of shorts? Well, you can look extremely attractive by styling the right colored shorts with printed Nehru jacket and a classic shirt. It would be the perfect outfit for a night out with friends! Shorts give you that casual look while the Nehru jacket will add a little bit of elegance to it.

  1. Long sleeved jacket

Like mentioned earlier, Nehru jackets have undergone various changes throughout the years and long sleeved printed Nehru jackets is one of them. Dark colored printed Nehru jacket paired with a light colored shirt can be a perfect outfit for any occasion. To add to the classic look, add some accessories like handkerchief or big buttons!

Printed Nehru jackets can be paired with almost everything that can is available in a man’s wardrobe. No wonder, printed Nehru jackets are a man’s best friend. Be it a cousin’s wedding or a plan with friends, put that jacket on and head to your venue! So, add a printed Nehru jacket to your wardrobe and never worry about outfits for any occasion. Style it with different things and get a different look everytime.

Evolution of Nehru Jacket: A Brief History!

Today, it is very difficult to find classic garments in the market, which showcase style and panache. Every day there are some new launches and new styles start trending in the industry. People flock to them in droves to try them out even though they may be quite lackluster.

However, if we look at past, we see fewer options in menswear but all those were worthy of being stylish and had their own class. And today, we have a lot of options but they are somewhat like one-hit wonders. And when we talk about stylish menswear then it wouldn’t be possible without mentioning the classy Nehru Jacket.

Nehru jacket is falsely compared to the suit or Mao jacket but it is not like those.

A Nehru jacket has a mandarin collar (a small, close-fitting upright collar). Nehru jacket should not be called as a suit or Mao jacket because they are very different from each other. The only similarity is the mandarin collar.

Nehru jacket is famous in Southeast Asia like countries India and other neighboring countries. It can be teamed up with matching trousers or odd trousers as well. A collarless shirt should be worn below the Nehru jacket.

Earlier, only big personalities used to wear this jacket like PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU.

Talking about the history and evolution of Nehru jacket the best thing is that it is “made in India product”. In 1940s Nehru jacket was designed in India only. And at that time it was referred as “BANDH GALE KA COAT”.

This jacket is from pre-independence era. Post independence, Nehru jacket is an important part of a man wardrobe. Nehru jacket can be worn at any function whether traditional or a small get together.

Earlier Nehru jacket was worn only on a kurta and only by men. Today, this jacket works as a style statement for both men and women. Although the structure of jacket has remained the same i.e. with a mandarin collar and a button because of this structure Nehru jacket gives a simple, formal yet elegant look.

In past years, Nehru jacket was manufactured by using only Khadi . But nowadays, other material like velvet, linen is also used to make it.

In these years Nehru jacket has gone through many evolutions and that’s why it is trending these days. Earlier, people used to wear only plain Nehru jackets but now embroidery has given a fashion statement to these jackets and that’s why we see celebrities, models wearing this jacket on ramp shows, parties.

Nehru jacket is one of the most important needs for a wedding.

Women these days love experimenting on their closest and that’s why newly designed cropped chopped Nehru jackets are on the market for women. The length of these jackets for women can vary from knee length to hip length.

Nehru jacket which begins its debut in the 1940’s has stood up by the test of time and has regained popularity and today Nehru jacket is not only something formal wear but something fashionable, trendy and bold.


Velvet Nehru Jacket: The Ultimate Style Statement

Make the ultimate style statement by donning a velvet Nehru Jacket. Whether it is a long-sleeved Nehru jacket or a printed one, Nehru jackets never go out of fashion. They evolve and come in a new form with the passage of time. One such form of Nehru jacket is the Velvet Nehru jacket. Here are some reasons why you should go for this form of Nehru Jacket:

  1. Versatile

The velvet Nehru jackets are extremely versatile. They can be paired with almost everything from kurta pyjama to jeans to Jodhpuri pants. While pairing it with a jeans will give you a casual look, pairing it with a Jodhpuri pant will give you that perfect festive look.

  1. Great choice for winters

As velvet Nehru jackets are made from velvet fabric, they provide warmth. As they are made from thick material and provide warmth, they are the best outfit for winters. You do not need a sweater to provide you warmth which may also spoil your look.  So, if you are heading for an occasion in winter, Velvet Nehru jacket can be your best choice.

  1. Comfortable

Though the material of velvet Nehru jacket is thick, it is extremely comfortable due to softness of the velvet material. As it provides a lot of comfort, it a blessing in the wedding season to all men. This clothing is extremely comfortable and therefore it is preferred by almost every man. It can be worn to almost every occasion from a wedding to formal meeting to a casual outing.

  1. Luxurious look

To add to the list of positive points of Velvet Nehru jackets, luxurious look is another point. Velvet Nehru jackets give men a luxurious look without compromising their comfort. It is a perfect combination of comfort, style and luxury. Bet if girls don’t turn their heads when you step out in that stylish Velvet Nehru jacket. It makes almost every girl fall for you and your look.

Using Velvet Nehru jacket is amazing experience, but extreme care needs to be taken of it. You cannot just wash it like any other normal clothing. It needs to be dry-cleaned in order to preserve its material quality and shine. Also, it needs to be ironed before wearing it to any occasion. These two things needs to be done in order to make that jacket look new and crisp. These two things are worth carrying out for your velvet Nehru jacket as it provides you a classy look effortlessly.

So, this festive season go for a Velvet Nehru jacket and see how effortlessly you become the style icon at the occasion. But, remember to pair it with proper colored shirt and bottoms to get that perfect ethnic look or less you can end up looking like a disaster. So, make sure you have the right bottoms and shirt for your Velvet jacket.

Is traditional dressing making a comeback in India?

After globalisation, our fashion sense also showed rapid progression due to the influence of the world wide web. We modernised traditional sarees, Kurtis, pyjamas and other traditional Indian clothing into something or perhaps everything western.

However, over the due course of time, the revival of old traditional clothing is highly noticeable.

We have enlisted 5 of the top most traditional clothing we have observed being snapped back in trend:

1) Khadi

The native Indian cloth item which revolutionised during the Indian colonial period is back in trend. Being a very versatile and adaptable fabric, it is being used as the uniform material for certain schools and colleges.

Sarees, Kurtis, Salwar, Shirts and pants are the wide variety of clothing items that are available in Khadi.

In spite of being a little tough on the money pocket, its durability and versatility is remarkable enough to bring it back in trend.

2) Salwar Kameez

Mostly popular in the northern region, it dropped out of trend when jeans and capris came in style and took over a large bourgeoise society. Salwar kameez was mostly forcefully worn by high school girls as their uniform.

It is a delight to see salwar kameez back in trend. Customised traditional salwar kameez is worn to parties, wedding sangeet and many other such occasions.

Its uniqueness and wide variety of styling brought it back in trend.   

3) Nehru Jackets

Listed among the top global political fashion statements of all times by the Time Magazine, is one of the most trending jackets in today’s time.

Coming in different shades, textures and cloth quality, it goes hand in hand with Kurtas and add vibrancy to the whole get up.

Mostly popularised by our now prime minister, Nehru jacket helps maintain the culture as well as groom the upcoming generation trendily.

Nehru jackets, being the perfect fusion between history and modern elements will be trending longer than expected.

4) Dhoti

Not very common in casuals but certainly, Dhoti is back in occasional wear and for special days. Different fabrics and unique modernised styles of Dhoti is making it popular amongst the youth.

In a costume or any special family occasion, Dhotis come with pre-styled Kurtas that when adorned, look astonishingly amazing.

The comfort that it provides, its simplicity and traditional touch bring it back in trend.

5) Lungi

Natively worn by south Indians, Lungi combined with shirts is highly trending. If we went back a year or so, publicly appearing in lungi would have been a little weird but not anymore.

Lungi is available in a variety of designs and cloth options.

Neither is it just comfortable but also very easy to wear. Lungi perfect helps bring our tradition to glory and also helps inevitably in preserving it.

The variety in they styling is why lungi is back in trend.

So, these old traditional Indian wears are looking at a huge revival and have managed to make their own place in our hearts!