Nehru Jacket is the new Summer Jacket

Yes, Nehru Jacket is the new Summer Jacket this season.

It is summer time already across India and fashion savvy people all over have been looking for alternatives to dress men and add that Classy touch to their clothing. These Nehru Jackets are made of finest quality European Linens in vibrant pastel shades, something that will never stop breathing.

SS16 Yellow

There is nothing classier & sexier than a Nehru Jacket when it comes to mens ethnic wear! This conventional jacket, popularized by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, has been seen sported by some of the most striking personalities like the Beatles & James Bond! A safe and posh choice for all festive occasions, make sure to grab one!

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Post from the Past! #SammyDavisJr

Sammy is particular.

He knows we don’t manufacture suits. We make them. Much the way a Savile Row tailor makes his.

Mostly by hand. We hand-cut the cloth. Then we shape it. And paste it. And sew it. And button-hole it. By hand.

In all we put an average of 30 more hand-shaping into our suits than you’ll find in other suits that cost as much. Or more. Why? Because it’s the only way to be sure that the suit will lit. Precisely.

So when a friend asks Sammy who his tailor is, he tells them. When they ask Sammy about his Nehru sul he tells them he had it made. And he’s not putting them on.


Post from the Past! #Simplicity

Fashion comes and fashion goes, but there are some classics that stay forever! It is worth mentioning that fashion is a cycle, it may be outdated today but it was the trend before, and it may not be the most glamorous entity today, but it might have been a rage before. There are also fashionable entities, which have been very consistent since day one.

Here is another advertisement showcasing Nehru Jacket from 1960s, an evergreen fashion clothing for me.


The Various Types of Nehru Jackets!

The Nehru jacket is nothing but a waist-length tailored coat for men and women which has a mandarin collar and its front is modelled like a South Asian achkan or sherwani. It is the apparel that was worn by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first respected Prime Minister of India from the years 1947 to 1964. The Nehru Jacket is gaining much popularity in Southern Asia nowadays. From ethnic to western wear, people are wearing it everywhere and with everything.

It is a very versatile piece of clothing and also, a guy’s best friend! You can wear it as easily for a casual brunch or a cocktail party and obviously as an ethnic option. This jacket adds that edge that you require to look yourself and at the same time, different and more stylish from others.

Due to its gaining popularity, many types of Nehru jackets have been introduced recently. Summer styles, winter jackets, fabric options, sleeves or no sleeveless; there are too many options to choose from that you will never run out of choices.

Let’s have a look at the types of Nehru jackets that are easily available in the market today:

1.      Sleeveless Nehru jacket

2.      Double breasted Nehru jacket

3.      Nehru waistcoats

4.      Velvet ethnic Nehru jacket

5.      Slim fit Nehru jacket

6.      Striped Nehru jacket

7.      Buttoned Nehru jacket

8.      Woolen Nehru jacket

9.      Cotton blend Nehru jacket

10.  Silk Nehru jacket

11.  Polyester Nehru jacket

12.  Jute Nehru jacket

13.  Poly viscose Nehru jacket

14.  Polyurethane Nehru jacket

15.  Terry Rayon Nehru jacket

16.  Cotton Nehru jacket

This list is never ending! The variety is just too much! If you want to buy or look at some of these jackets, check out all these Nehru jacket varieties at Mulberry Lifestyle!

There are so many varieties in this apparel that it will never be out of fashion. Be it any season or occasion, you can always wear one Nehru jacket and pull off a great stylish look. It is definitely a head turner at any party or event that you attend.

There is one other type of Nehru jacket too. It is called as the Mao jacket of Mao suit. It is almost like a Nehru jacket has a distinguishing feature. Unlike the Nehru jacket, it features a turndown collar and four flapped patch pockets yielding a different look.

Nehru jacket is simple, comfortable and elegant and it will never go out of style. With Nehru ji’s birthday coming up in a couple of days, pay some tribute and buy yourself one cool Nehru jacket and even two if you want to! Stand out in the crowd by donning the latest style of these chic jackets. You can buy them for the purpose of gifting too. With the wedding season blossoming again, your friends and relative might want to get a gift like that!

They are pure unadulterated classic attire that can be pulled off with anything and everything. So do not hesitate to buy the jacket now!