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With your support and wishes, Mulberry Lifestyle is getting ready for its first International Exhibit in Dubai next week. We will be launching our exclusive Collection of Jackets for the International Market at International Apparel & Textile Fair, 2017, the leading Apparel Fair in the world.

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You have been a part of our journey, helping us with new ideas and in our growth. We will be happy if you can invite your friends, family and associates in Dubai, on our behalf, to meet us at IATF, Dubai.

Booth No. D 6
Hall No. 8
Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai
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Paisley: An Indian Origin Design

Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the boteh or buta, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian and Indian origin. Such designs became very popular in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries, following imports of post-Mughal versions of the design from India, especially in the form of Kashmir shawls, and were then imitated locally.

We are bringing the design in our Nehru Jacket made of the finest quality Brocade Fabrics and Pocket Square made of Satin. These Jackets can be best paired by Jodhpuri, Kurta, Mandarin Collar Shirt and Italian trousers.

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Nehru Jacket: Wardrobe Essential

Nehru jacket is the most versatile piece of clothing in any men’s wardrobe. You can wear it for any occasion such as wedding, a casual brunch, a business meeting, pooja, a cocktail night, etc. The jacket can be paired with kurta-pyjama, Jodhpuri pants, trousers, tweed pants, chinos or jeans for a great stylish look. Another advantage of the jacket is that it hides belly fat/ flabby stomach, which is a common problem in middle-aged men.

Celebrities & Nehru Jacket! @SrBachchan

Indian fashion talks can never be complete without discussing Bollywood. The Indian film industry has always showed people of India the pathway to future of fashion. The Lhenga of Madhuri, Friends Cap of Salman, Leather Jacket and Gap shirt of Sharukh and Hairstyle of Aamir, the list is endless. The nation has always followed our actors and actress when it comes to fashion.

While suits are the obvious staple for Bollywood’s leading men, a couple of stars are proving that there is a lot you can do with menswear. We are here starting a series of blog post wherein we will be showcasing India Celebrities wearing our very own Nehru Jacket with their own touch and uniqueness.

We are starting the Blog by showcasing the Godfather of Indian Film Industry, our very own Amitabh Bachchan.


Post from the Past! #SammyDavisJr

Sammy is particular.

He knows we don’t manufacture suits. We make them. Much the way a Savile Row tailor makes his.

Mostly by hand. We hand-cut the cloth. Then we shape it. And paste it. And sew it. And button-hole it. By hand.

In all we put an average of 30 more hand-shaping into our suits than you’ll find in other suits that cost as much. Or more. Why? Because it’s the only way to be sure that the suit will lit. Precisely.

So when a friend asks Sammy who his tailor is, he tells them. When they ask Sammy about his Nehru sul he tells them he had it made. And he’s not putting them on.


Post from the Past! #Simplicity

Fashion comes and fashion goes, but there are some classics that stay forever! It is worth mentioning that fashion is a cycle, it may be outdated today but it was the trend before, and it may not be the most glamorous entity today, but it might have been a rage before. There are also fashionable entities, which have been very consistent since day one.

Here is another advertisement showcasing Nehru Jacket from 1960s, an evergreen fashion clothing for me.


Post from the Past!

Nehru Jacket has been the epitome of fashion around the globe ever since the Prime Minister Nehru started wearing it.  It appeared in the market in a modified design and updated fabrics from mid 1960 and the promotion of the clothing got popular with the Prime Ministers iconic appearance with the jacket. The wearable was the named as Nehru Jacket from 1960 and lately in 1970 the trend of wearing the jacket got huge market as foreign cultures welcomed the fashion tend warmly. The jacket has been worn by legendary Beatles, Johnny Carson and also in one and only bond series which also signifies the fashion trend of long jackets.

In this post, and many more to follow, we will be showcasing some of the best advertisement from the yesteryear on Nehru Jackets.


The Nehru Jacket and the Pop Culture: Catch the Full History Here From the Beatles to James Bond!

The Nehru jacket originated from the name of famous Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. He was in charge from 1947 to 1964 and his trademark was the hip length tailored coat with the very classy mandarin collar coat. The jacket was based on the modified design of the South Asian sherwani or achkan. The iconic difference between the achkan and Nehru jacket is the length and the collar. Achkan falls below the knees whereas Nehru hardly reaches the hips and the unique collar shape resembles the jacket from other clothing. The pop culture has casted a big picture for the promotion of the great Nehru Jacket. The revolution of this iconic wearable has long history of the past that relates famous individuals. Let’s get the hint of the how the pop culture collaborated with the fashionable clothing.

The apparel of the famous jacket was innovated in the mid of 1940 and the stylish wearable was named as “Band Gale Ka Coat (Hindi)” which translates as “Closed Neck Coat.” It appeared in the market in a modified design ad updated fabrics from mid 1960 and the promotion of the clothing got popular with the Prime Ministers iconic appearance with the jacket. The wearable was the named as Nehru Jacket from 1960 and lately in 1970 the trend of wearing the jacket got huge market as foreign cultures welcomed the fashion tend warmly.

The legendary band Beatles wore the Nehru jacket in concert held on 1965 at Shea Stadium. The band again featured the clothing in June 1st 1967 as the lead vocal and guitarist Jack Bruce wore the Nehru Jacket. The rare concert footage of Cream held in Des Sports Paris hold the crispy memories of the golden days.

Famous artist Johnny Carson also promoted the Nehru Jacket. During his performance in the mid-1970, he wore the Nehru jacket to perform in a show. Rumors pledged that he used to get commission for wearing the Nehru Jacket. Before that, he wore the Nehru Jacket intentionally in 1966, which was manufactured by the famous men’s apparel brand Hart Schaffner, and Marx.

The one and only bond series also signifies the fashion trend of long jackets. Bond villain Dr. No, wore the Nehru jacket in the film titled as the same name. Famous Indian actor Kamal Khan coated with the same garment in several color in the Octopussy film. The olden days of the jacket has been tremendously mesmerized in the bond series movie Tomorrow Never Dies. The leading character Elliot Carver casted with the black Nehru Jacket throughout the whole movie. The Nehru fashion lately extended in the Spectre chieftain show as the actor Ernst Stavro Bofeld featured the Nehru jacket.

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It should be mentioned that the popularity of the Nehru jacket even spread from the action packed Bond series to the comedy series also. The villain Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series also dressed with the Nehru jacket. Though, the origin indicates the political individual of Prime Minister of India but it has been widely popular as the villains costume in movies. However, the trend has been still contained by the cultural activities in some regions. The wedding ceremony of Asian culture still lists the Nehru jacket as one of the favorite wearing.