End of Season Super Sale

Mulberry Lifestyle End of Season Sale is here and it just got bigger with discount up-to 50% on its entire range of Jackets. It is one of the most genuine sale wherein you get to buy Jackets from across categorizes on a discounted price.

The post discount products are available at a price range of Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2500/-. The European Linen Jackets are available at Rs. 2500/-, Velvet Jackets at Rs. 2000/-, Cotton Jackets at Rs. 1800/-. Linen Jackets at Rs. 1500/- and so on.

Why wait? Hurry up as the stocks are limited and so is the time.

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Mulberry Lifestyle @ IATF Dubai 2017

Dear Friends,

With your support and wishes, Mulberry Lifestyle is getting ready for its first International Exhibit in Dubai next week. We will be launching our exclusive Collection of Jackets for the International Market at International Apparel & Textile Fair, 2017, the leading Apparel Fair in the world.

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You have been a part of our journey, helping us with new ideas and in our growth. We will be happy if you can invite your friends, family and associates in Dubai, on our behalf, to meet us at IATF, Dubai.

Booth No. D 6
Hall No. 8
Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai
Mobile: +91 9708039200

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Best Regards,
Kanishka Poddar
Mulberry Lifestyle

Nehru Jacket is the new Summer Jacket

Yes, Nehru Jacket is the new Summer Jacket this season.

It is summer time already across India and fashion savvy people all over have been looking for alternatives to dress men and add that Classy touch to their clothing. These Nehru Jackets are made of finest quality European Linens in vibrant pastel shades, something that will never stop breathing.

SS16 Yellow

There is nothing classier & sexier than a Nehru Jacket when it comes to mens ethnic wear! This conventional jacket, popularized by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, has been seen sported by some of the most striking personalities like the Beatles & James Bond! A safe and posh choice for all festive occasions, make sure to grab one!

The Summer Jackets are available for both Men & Women, only at our online store http://www.mulberrylife.in



The Wedding Collection

The Wedding Collection by Mulberry Lifestyle is a set of Jackets to complement the grand occasion. It is meant for the groom as well as all the guests attending the wedding. The Jackets are infused with traditional looks and feel, yet keeping it very chic and modern. It can be paired with Jodhpuri Pants, Denim or a simple trouser.

Camel color shoes and trouser works best with Jackets.

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Paisley: An Indian Origin Design

Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the boteh or buta, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian and Indian origin. Such designs became very popular in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries, following imports of post-Mughal versions of the design from India, especially in the form of Kashmir shawls, and were then imitated locally.

We are bringing the design in our Nehru Jacket made of the finest quality Brocade Fabrics and Pocket Square made of Satin. These Jackets can be best paired by Jodhpuri, Kurta, Mandarin Collar Shirt and Italian trousers.

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Nehru Jacket: Wardrobe Essential

Nehru jacket is the most versatile piece of clothing in any men’s wardrobe. You can wear it for any occasion such as wedding, a casual brunch, a business meeting, pooja, a cocktail night, etc. The jacket can be paired with kurta-pyjama, Jodhpuri pants, trousers, tweed pants, chinos or jeans for a great stylish look. Another advantage of the jacket is that it hides belly fat/ flabby stomach, which is a common problem in middle-aged men.

Why Nehru jacket is the best choice for a best man

The wedding season is on in full bloom and so is the season of showing of some great wedding dressing up sense! And if you are the best man, you have to stand out in the crowd and go to the wedding looking like George Clooney. The only difference would be that Clooney has not sworn a Nehru jacket before, but you might as well do!

The Nehru jacket fashion is on a high tide since quite some time now and everyone should take full advantage of it. A Nehru jacket is a simple jacket attire which gives a clean and modern look and at the same time makes a bold fashion statement.

So in case you really are the best man at your best friend’s or brother’s wedding, keep Nehru jacket as your top choices for the great wedding. Well let’s face it, you just cannot mess up dressing up in a Nehru jacket and guys, as we know, tend to do a little messing up every now and then. Therefore, a Nehru jacket is a perfect companion for you to don on this wedding season. You will not mess up your look and you would kill it, really!

Just let your Nehru jacket do the work of looking good for you this time and we promise, you will not regret it. And you ask about the ladies? Oh well, they sure love a guy who can carry off a Nehru jacket in style! Test it out to believe us!

Just team up your Nehru jacket with a traditional kurta pyjama and some nice Kolapuri chappals; or you can wear it over a formal shirt and a pair of well-tailored trousers along with formal shoes; and not only this, a Nehru jacket can do wonders to a simple white shirt and blue jeans look also. Just put it on and let the magic begin!

So all the potential best mans out there, please listen to us and buy a cool and smart Nehru jacket at this very moment. You can also get it made from scratch if you have got the time! But if you are the best man, then we are guessing that you have plenty of work on your hands and the main job being to keep the groom focused on getting married! So just open any online shopping site and browse through the Nehru jackets in the men’s section. Believe us, there are thousands of options available online. You can buy a simple Nehru jacket, a shiny Nehru jacket, sleeveless Nehru jacket, full sleeves Nehru jacket; really, the choice is endless.

If you have read this article carefully, we really hope you set the stage on fire as a best man this wedding season! And oh, do not do too much as you want the focus to be primarily on the bride and the groom! You can do your bit of “styling” at your own big wedding day!

Right Way to Wear a Nehru Jacket!

Nehru jackets are the ‘new cool’ these days. Everyone seems to have flown in this fashion of stylish bandhgala jackets. But what is the most important thing here is that one should know the absolute right way to wear a Nehru jacket, in order to rock it stunningly. On what does it suit the best, what is the right kind shirt that goes with and what all does not go with it. Being stylish is one thing, but being stylish and looking stupid in another thing. You so not want to wear the most stylish and in-fashion jacket and end up making a complete fool of yourself, do you? Of course not!

Worry not! We are here to guide you with some useful tips on the right way to wear a Nehru jacket.

Here they are:

1.      Nehru jacket can be easily used to enhance your formal look. Pair it up with a formal shirt and a cool pair of trousers and don on a cool pair of moccasins. This is a killer look for those boring black and white board meetings and staff meetings. This look will help you to stand out in the crowd and appear stylish yet formal.

2.      So it’s the time of the wedding season and you must be having at least two or three wedding functions to attends, right? Pull out the Nehru jacket that you have and pair it up with a kurta and a nice pair of denims. This will not only make you look nice, but you might get some offers for wedding for yourself! Wear a cool watch and a pair of Jaipuri chappals to complete this amazing look.

3.      And while we are talking about the ethnic options to wear a Nehru jacket, why not consider wearing it over a dhoti? How cool would that be! And at the same time, traditional also. Pair it up with black sandals and walk the talk in style!

4.      The winter season is here in full bloom and you might want to consider using that long Nehru jacket to beta the chills. It is awesome and it is so stylish! You can simple use your Nehru jacket as a normal jacket and wear it to your work, to a party or even a casual walk. This look never fails to impress!

5.      You can use the Nehru jacket as a cover up for your flimsy and ill-fitting kurta too. Believe it or not, it works like a charm!

Nehru jacket is a really versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it on any occasion and pair it up with almost anything and everything. But you should do it right. Assess what look right on you regardless of what actors wear or what is expected by you.

Nehru jacket shouts comfort and if you sport it the right way, you will feel the most comfortable in a Nehru jacket and the most stylish person present in the room too!

Wedding Season is On: Best Options to Dress For the Dashing Indian Males!

It’s your best friend’s wedding! What to wear, Oh what to wear!

 For Indian men, choosing the right attire would be a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of choices, but one thing is sure – the attire of the bride and groom should stand out, not yours. But it doesn’t mean you have to wear something shabby. It’s a special occasion, so you also have to look good. To help you out, here are some choices.

If the theme of the wedding is a bit traditional, then your options could be the Kurta Pajama, the Nehru jacket or the Kurta Dhoti.

The Kurta Pajama is a traditional piece that has evolved with time. Fashion designers have accessorized, de-accessorized and what not the Kurta Pajama, but still it is the most popular outfit for special occasions such as weddings. To make the outfit stand out some fashion gurus use embroideries or stone works, but if you prefer the simple style Kurta Pajama, then you may accessorize it with a gold chain or bracelet and kolhapuri chappal footwear.  The Kurta Pajama is traditional, but with all the improvements done, young Indian men of today love to wear it too.

The Nehru jacket is another Indian style best for weddings. It’s simple yet elegant. This slim-fit jacket features a mandarin collar and a row of buttons in front. For a more formal occasion you can choose the Nehru jacket traditional colors – black or grey. The more fashion conscious men prefer to use Nehru jackets with brighter colors. Also, the length of the jacket may vary. Some would prefer the waist length while others like the knee-length. The Nehru jacket goes perfectly with a Kurta or a Jodhpuri pants.

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Kurta Dhoti would be another good choice. You can go simple or you can do it with style. Like the Kurta Pajama and Nehru Jacket, the Kurta Dhoti changed with time. They too have ornate embroideries as well as zari threads. Normally dhotis are lightweight but still elegantly designed; while the Kurta can have collars, long sleeves and cuffs. Accessorize your Kurta Dhoti look with a gold chain or bracelet for a more royalty look.

Meanwhile, if you want more westernized options, you can go with the Indo-Western Fusion style or the Western-look Tuxedo.

The Tuxedo or ‘Tux’ is a westernized formal wear for weddings and other special occasions. Elegant colors you can choice from would be grey, white, tan, brown and the classic black. The tuxedo is best for evening weddings while a dark suit is a better option for daytime weddings. Tuxedos may have a peak lapel coat or a notch and pockets. You can include a colored vest to make it more non-traditional. Leather shoes are best for tuxedos.

Last but not the least would be the Indo-Western Fusion style. As the word fusion implies this style combines the Western and South Asian pieces. A Western-style shirt silhouettes made with Southeast Asian materials like brocade or silk combined with Indian apparel is a great way to go. The ensemble includes jodhpuri suits, sherwani, jackets, etc. The indo-western style may have various patterns, designs or color.

After all is said and done, remember – the day belongs to the couple. They should standout! But on second thought, it may not be your wedding, but still Indian men should look great during special events. So guys take your style up a notch and enjoy the party!