Fashion is not just limited to women now. Men have become more fashion conscious and started following the fashion trend. The one attire that has not lost its charm since the day it came into existence is our favorite and famous Nehru Jacket. It gives a simple, yet elegant look to every man who adorns it. Although the name stamps this jacket to be an Indian garment, it still makes a strong impression worldwide. They come in all types of fabrics such as velvet, cotton, woollen etc.
Ten  types of Nehru jackets are discussed further:
1.    Velvet Nehru Jacket
Yes! This jacket is made of velvet, and the choice of fabric gives a rich and posh look to your attire altogether. The attire can be worn for festival, party and formal occasions. It is the best piece of clothing for winter night and keeps you feel cozy with its soft fabric, however it cannot be an appropriate garment for a sunny days. It may need maintenance like dry cleaning as this piece gets wrinkled easily.
2.     Sleeveless Nehru Jacket
Current favorite of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is must-owned attire by everyone. It can be ironical that this attire being worn by many senior citizens (also political figures), it still tops the trendsetters in fashion industry. It is worn mainly as a formal and semi-formal wear; however, the casual sleeveless tops are now becoming a craze among the fashion-loving men.
3.    Poly-viscose Nehru Jacket
This is the best Nehru jacket for Indian climate, especially for the steaming hot summer. It is an easy-maintenance cloth piece that lets you sweat-free with its breathable fabric material.
4.    Double breasted Nehru Jacket
Have a hefty figure? This jacket will come in handy. Preferably a formal choice, this, in addition, gives a fit look to the person wearing it.
5.    Full sleeves Nehru Jacket and Slim-fit Nehru Jacket
Bollywood’s favorite fashion statement is here. Choose a full sleeve Nehru jacket to show off your style statement and increase your glam. It is worn mainly for festive and party occasion, and worn comparably less as casual wear.
On the contrary, the slim-fit jackets are worn for all the occasions (as a fusion of modern and ethnic wear), and one can show off his fit and well-built body through this jacket.
6.    Woollen Nehru Jacket
Woolen Nehru jacket comes under must-have category in a man’s wardrobe. This jacket type is completely wrinkle free, dirt resistant, and it has a breathable fabric. It is a winter- and autumn-suitable jacket. The only hitch of this jacket is that it can be a bit expensive; therefore, it needs a little more maintenance than other jackets.
7.    Cotton and Khadi Nehru Jacket
Both being made of almost similar fabric, yet they differ in their own way.
Need an elegant and classy look? Choose a Khadi Nehru jacket.
Looking for a quirky and trendy jacket? Opt for cotton Nehru Jacket.
 Both the jackets come in breathable fabric and cheaper cost. They can be worn in both summer and winter climate.
8.    Jute Nehru Jackets
These jackets are teen’s favorite choice. They are inexpensive, breathable fabric as well as a comfortable option.
9.    Linen Nehru Jacket
This jacket is a flaunt-worthy piece of cloth as it adds a contemporary glam quotient to your wardrobe.
10.    Silk Nehru Jacket
Silk Nehru jacket is an expensive variant of Nehru jackets that make it worth the cost with the richness it provides along with the all-season trending contemporary look.
Go ahead and make your choice!!!

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