With the entire world taking a step towards greener earth, the fashion industry is no way lagging! Not only are the fashion trends changing, but the fabrics are also changing to help the initiative of sustainable earth. While some are made from recycled material, some have changed the manufacturing process to reduce the amount of energy and water used. Here are popular emerging fabrics who will rule the fashion industry in the upcoming years!

  1. Newlife

The world is worried with the disposal of plastic and here comes a fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles! Amazing idea, isn’t it? Newlife is a polyester yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles in Italy. It also comes at very cheap price which helps to reach larger masses. As it is made from mechanical means, it uses 60% less energy and 94% less water. So, Newlife not only solves the problem of plastic disposal but also saves natural resources!

  1. Cupro

This is the next generation cotton fabric for sure! It is recovered from cotton liner which feels like rayon but regulates body temperature like cotton. Cos and Donna Karan are some of the top brands that make extensive use of this fabric. It is often seen as a substitute for silk as it gives a soothing effect.

  1. Roica

There is always a need of stretch fabric in fashion industry and here comes the ‘Roica’ which is not only stretchable but sustainable as well. It is first ever of its kind and is made from reclaimed pre-industrial waste! It has potential applications in sportswear and lingerie. Reports suggest that soon Mark and Spencers will be launching a sports bra made out of this fabric.

  1. Ecotec

Made in Italy, Ecotec is the first and the only fabric will is made from certified manufacturing process using pre-dyed and pre-consumer recycled cotton! It not only reduces the amount of waste as it is a recycled fabric, it also reduces the energy and water required in making the process. It is termed as a ‘versatile fabric’ by Bettoni as it can be used for any purpose.

  1. Re.Verso

Made from upcycled wool, Re.Verso is a teamwork of C.L.A.S.S. and three Italian mills namely, Nuova Fratelli Boretti, Lanifico Stelloni and Green Line. The Green Line sources waste yarn all over Italy, Nuova Fratelli Boretti produces yarn for spinning and Lanifico Stelloni converts this yarn into fabric. It uses almost 89% less water, 76% less energy and reduces carbon emissions upto 96%. Gucci used this sustainable fabric for a men’s overcoat for Autumn Collection 2015.

These are some of the most popular and one of their kind fabrics which help in maintaining the greenery of our Mother Earth. Made from recycled materials with reduced amount of natural resources used, these fabrics are going to soon dominate the fashion industry and give us all a new experience for sure! As an endeavour towards a greener planet, we, at Mulberry Life will also try to adapt these materials into our products and save Mother Nature!

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