It is 21st century and fashion is changing almost everyday. If today skinny denims are in fashion, then tomorrow trousers may replace them! All thanks to the budding designers. If fashion changes everyday, it has to change when it comes to a new season is approaching. So, here are top 5 fashion trends you should definitely opt for in summer 2018.

  1. Pastel colours

Summer and spring is all about fresh flowers and colours and therefore no doubt, the pastel colours are in trend. Wearing pastel colours like cream, sky blue, and yellow will bring out your sweet-side and make you look fresh! You can wear the same pastel colour from top to bottom or wear a combination of many of them. Get all those ice-cream candy colours and be the ‘Ice-cream girl of the season’.

  1. Crayola Brights

The paint box brights are still in trend which gives you confidence and makes you look irresistible. Get that head-to-toe look with those brights and see how fierce and strong you look this summer! Go for proper combination of brights for tops and bottoms, else you would end up looking a fashion disaster.

  1. Decent exposure

This summer you need not get those heavy evening gowns or dresses. A little exposure will always look good and this is the hottest trend of summer 2018! Beat the heat with sheer tops and dresses with contrasting inners that not only make you look hot but are extremely comfortable! Sheer dresses or tops with intricate detailing is also trending.

  1. Double denims

We never knew that double denims would make such a great comeback in fashion industry! Look bold with the head-to-toe denim look this summer. Everything from denim shirts to denim skirts to denim dresses is in fashion this summer and doubling denim will cause no harm but will make you look unique!

  1. Floral prints

A season of fresh flowers all around, floral prints are a necessity to summer season and like always it is trending this summer as well. This fashion trend has been ruling the summer wardrobes of thousands of women since ages and it continues to do so. Short floral dresses make you look fresh and cute. Apart from short dresses, the floral tops or maxi dresses look beautiful and are extremely comfortable as well!

These are top 5 fashion trends of summer 2018 which are easy to adopt to and require minimal effort. All these trends are not totally new, but are modifications of the previous summer trends. For example, denims have always been in fashion, but doubling them is the trend of this season! One thing to remember is never overdo the trends or mix them up too much. It will definitely grab attention but from fashion police! So, remember to keep it simple this summer so that look good along with being comfortable!

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