Doodle Makers, we need your help

Hello Friends

I don’t know much about the art of doodling but then at Mulberry Lifestyle, we do understand that kids love them. Only time I get to doodle myself is when I am sending postcards which are mostly about sharing travel stories.


We are currently working on making Jackets (Nehru Jacket/Waistcoat) for kids with doodles on it and that is where we need your help.

  • We need to understand how you think we should use doodles on Jackets? We can go crazy with doodles all over the Jackets or just have them on upper pocket, collars, back or any random places. Can you share some sketches that would depict your ideas?
  • How do you think we should do it? Get it printed directly on Jacket, patch work using different color clothes or try some work of embroidery?
  • This one will be done professionally wherein we would love to have doodles made by you for our new collection of Jackets for kids.

So friends, do send us your ideas on and we can take it forward from there. We are really excited about making these Jackets for kids and can’t wait to see the excitement on kids face when they get to wear them.

Cheers! Kanishka

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