We are glad to launch a Collection of beautifully crafted Notebooks made of Handmade Papers by Paperdom, on our Online Store.

sb_21These Notebooks are 100% crafted by hand, screen printed on the covers, bounded one by one and by taking care of minor details in making them closest to being perfect. With thoughtfully chosen materials, these notebooks were conceived to be a warm and friendly company to those who loves to write and sketch. These are sturdy Paperback Notebook (unfold easily!) either made of Comic Book’s Paper which is good for drawing & writing or made of Ivory Inner Paper which are extremely comfortable to our eyes. The Notebook has 36 pages of Handmade Cotton Rags Paper which are un-ruled and are center stitched. The pages are smooth on both the sides.

These notebooks are priced at Rs. 249/- and Rs. 299/- and are available on our online store for purchase. As a launch offer, customers will be provided with free shipping on every purchase with a total bill value of Rs. 500/- and above.

The more beautifully produced the notebook is, the better it will represent your skills.


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