Nehru jackets are the ‘new cool’ these days. Everyone seems to have flown in this fashion of stylish bandhgala jackets. But what is the most important thing here is that one should know the absolute right way to wear a Nehru jacket, in order to rock it stunningly. On what does it suit the best, what is the right kind shirt that goes with and what all does not go with it. Being stylish is one thing, but being stylish and looking stupid in another thing. You so not want to wear the most stylish and in-fashion jacket and end up making a complete fool of yourself, do you? Of course not!

Worry not! We are here to guide you with some useful tips on the right way to wear a Nehru jacket.

Here they are:

1.      Nehru jacket can be easily used to enhance your formal look. Pair it up with a formal shirt and a cool pair of trousers and don on a cool pair of moccasins. This is a killer look for those boring black and white board meetings and staff meetings. This look will help you to stand out in the crowd and appear stylish yet formal.

2.      So it’s the time of the wedding season and you must be having at least two or three wedding functions to attends, right? Pull out the Nehru jacket that you have and pair it up with a kurta and a nice pair of denims. This will not only make you look nice, but you might get some offers for wedding for yourself! Wear a cool watch and a pair of Jaipuri chappals to complete this amazing look.

3.      And while we are talking about the ethnic options to wear a Nehru jacket, why not consider wearing it over a dhoti? How cool would that be! And at the same time, traditional also. Pair it up with black sandals and walk the talk in style!

4.      The winter season is here in full bloom and you might want to consider using that long Nehru jacket to beta the chills. It is awesome and it is so stylish! You can simple use your Nehru jacket as a normal jacket and wear it to your work, to a party or even a casual walk. This look never fails to impress!

5.      You can use the Nehru jacket as a cover up for your flimsy and ill-fitting kurta too. Believe it or not, it works like a charm!

Nehru jacket is a really versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it on any occasion and pair it up with almost anything and everything. But you should do it right. Assess what look right on you regardless of what actors wear or what is expected by you.

Nehru jacket shouts comfort and if you sport it the right way, you will feel the most comfortable in a Nehru jacket and the most stylish person present in the room too!

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