Style and confidence, that’s what the Nehru jacket promises. But, how about foot wears? What is the best foot wear to go with a Nehru jacket? Read and find out!

Fashion experts consider the Nehru jacket a formal Indian attire. It has a mandarin collar with few smart buttons in front. With its slim-fit or structured look, the Nehru jacket will give you that prince-look style. So to stand out in a Nehru jacket, you would need a few pairs of great shoes.

The Best

One in particular is the Jutis, a footwear with a pointed toe.  This foot wear will compliment your jacket with the royal touch. Aside from the Nehru jacket, Jutis footwear goes well with the Sherwanis, Kurta-Pyjama, Jodhpuri suits and Achkans.  The Jutis are extra special because most of them are hand crafted. Camel, cow or buffalo leather are used for this footwear. Most Jutis have embroideries, but to make it more unique some would request beaded styles. They may also come in various designs and colors. The Jutis are different from one region to the next. Some Jutis varieties are as follows:  Salim Shahi juttis, Nagra juttis, Desi juttis and Dolkha juttis. The best Jutis comes from Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan, India.


A different choice of footwear that goes nicely with the Nehru jacket is the Slip-on leather shoes. The slip-ons are not too dressy, but it is comfortable and convenient. The leather material of the slip on would go well with the stylish Nehru jacket. Best of all, Slip-on leather shoes would also go well with a casual attire like a jacket with trousers and denims.

The Worst

The Kolhapuri Chappals or Kolhapuris footwear is definitely used by Indian men. They are basically slippers; open-toed sandal that originated from Kolhapur of the Maharashtra state. The Kolhapuris makers use buffalo-hide for its durability. Because of the durable thick soles of the Kolhapuris, they are the best footwear for mountainous terrain during hot days.

Image Credits -

Image Credits –

The Kolhapuris may have different designs, but still it will not compliment the Nehru jacket. The Kolhapuris footwear, mainly produced in South Mumbai and Bombay, has that ‘ragged look’ that will NOT go well with the sophisticated appearance of the Nehru jacket. So guys do yourself a favor and don’t wear this footwear or any open-toe sandals during formal occasions where you have to wear a Nehru jacket.

Moreover, Ankle-length boots does not go well with the Nehru jacket. Basically, people wear boots during bad weather. Boots and suits would not really look good together. The ankle-length boots would look great with sport jacket, shirt and jeans. Nehru jackets would go best with shoes that are a bit more formal looking.

What you wear can make or break your image. Take time to analyze what works for you and what doesn’t. You may have the best-looking suit, but if you don’t know the right footwear to go with it, it’s not going to work.

Yes, men’s shoes cost a fortune. But if you want style, if you want confidence then make that investment. You know you’re worth it!

3 thoughts on “The Best and Worst footwear Options with Nehru Jackets: Read Before Slipping Your Feet Into Those Jootis!

  1. I’m looking for something to wear around a Nehru jacket, figured out that a light color Chinese collar shirt would go well with it but confused about shoes and trousers. Your article cleared a little otherwise I was looking to wear leather sneakers lol.


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