It’s your best friend’s wedding! What to wear, Oh what to wear!

 For Indian men, choosing the right attire would be a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of choices, but one thing is sure – the attire of the bride and groom should stand out, not yours. But it doesn’t mean you have to wear something shabby. It’s a special occasion, so you also have to look good. To help you out, here are some choices.

If the theme of the wedding is a bit traditional, then your options could be the Kurta Pajama, the Nehru jacket or the Kurta Dhoti.

The Kurta Pajama is a traditional piece that has evolved with time. Fashion designers have accessorized, de-accessorized and what not the Kurta Pajama, but still it is the most popular outfit for special occasions such as weddings. To make the outfit stand out some fashion gurus use embroideries or stone works, but if you prefer the simple style Kurta Pajama, then you may accessorize it with a gold chain or bracelet and kolhapuri chappal footwear.  The Kurta Pajama is traditional, but with all the improvements done, young Indian men of today love to wear it too.

The Nehru jacket is another Indian style best for weddings. It’s simple yet elegant. This slim-fit jacket features a mandarin collar and a row of buttons in front. For a more formal occasion you can choose the Nehru jacket traditional colors – black or grey. The more fashion conscious men prefer to use Nehru jackets with brighter colors. Also, the length of the jacket may vary. Some would prefer the waist length while others like the knee-length. The Nehru jacket goes perfectly with a Kurta or a Jodhpuri pants.

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Kurta Dhoti would be another good choice. You can go simple or you can do it with style. Like the Kurta Pajama and Nehru Jacket, the Kurta Dhoti changed with time. They too have ornate embroideries as well as zari threads. Normally dhotis are lightweight but still elegantly designed; while the Kurta can have collars, long sleeves and cuffs. Accessorize your Kurta Dhoti look with a gold chain or bracelet for a more royalty look.

Meanwhile, if you want more westernized options, you can go with the Indo-Western Fusion style or the Western-look Tuxedo.

The Tuxedo or ‘Tux’ is a westernized formal wear for weddings and other special occasions. Elegant colors you can choice from would be grey, white, tan, brown and the classic black. The tuxedo is best for evening weddings while a dark suit is a better option for daytime weddings. Tuxedos may have a peak lapel coat or a notch and pockets. You can include a colored vest to make it more non-traditional. Leather shoes are best for tuxedos.

Last but not the least would be the Indo-Western Fusion style. As the word fusion implies this style combines the Western and South Asian pieces. A Western-style shirt silhouettes made with Southeast Asian materials like brocade or silk combined with Indian apparel is a great way to go. The ensemble includes jodhpuri suits, sherwani, jackets, etc. The indo-western style may have various patterns, designs or color.

After all is said and done, remember – the day belongs to the couple. They should standout! But on second thought, it may not be your wedding, but still Indian men should look great during special events. So guys take your style up a notch and enjoy the party!

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