KISS! Keep it sweet and simple. This is one guide everybody should remember when dressing up. Fashion is more than expensive clothes. It is really how you wear it. You may buy the most expensive clothes, but if you don’t know how to put together the whole attire expect a big disaster!

The Nehru jacket is one get-up that needs the perfect combination. But before we get into that, let’s have a short list of what NOT to wear with the Nehru jacket.

1.       Parachute Pants. These pants have synthetic nylon material with some zipper design all around. Very popular in the eighties and used a lot by ‘break dancers’. Using this kind of pants with the Nehru pants is a big mistake. It’s like combining a delicious filet mignon steak with a soda pop!


2.       Hammer Pants. A stylish baggy pants inspired by the harem pants that started in the Arabian Peninsula. If you have seen the cartoon movie Aladdin you’ll get an idea! So, imagine the hammer pants with the formal-looking Nehru pants. Ugghhh! The genie from the movie Aladdin might just give you three wishes to TAKE IT OFF!

3.       Skirts. A great thing happened when Indian fashion gurus designed the Nehru jacket with some feminine touch. They used bold and great color patterns. But this doesn’t mean ladies can wear it with skirts. The Nehru jacket will always look good with pants be it worn by a man or a woman.

4.       Anti-fit jeans. So skirts and baggy pants are out. Basically, anything that doesn’t fit right is out. Also, fitted but tattered pants are a bad choice. The Nehru jacket may sound a bit choosy, but if you want to look good there are some rules to follow.

Antifit Jeans

5.       Bling bling. The Nehru jacket is a classy jacket that wouldn’t really need some bling bling. Less is more as they say. For women, the Nehru jacket with sophisticated patterns would be enough to capture attention. For men, choosing the right color combination for the pants and jacket would be perfect.

6.       Sweats pants or jogging pants. Do we really have to expound on this? Jogging pants is for jogging. Period.

So, what’s the best way to wear the Nehru jacket? Here are a few tips.

1.       Any nice-fitting pants or slacks would do. Just make sure the color of the pants and the jacket would ‘work’ together. It is best to wear black pants if you plan to use a pastel colored Nehru jacket.

2.       Jodhpuri pants would also go well with the jacket. Jodhpuri pants are loose pants usually worn with a kurta.

3.       If you plan to wear a koti or sleeveless jacket, pair it with a white full sleeve kurta. The koti would standout with the white ‘background’.

4.       It would also work if you use the same material for the jacket and pants. It would look like a suit but with a little twist because of its unique collar.

5.       Select your shoe wear carefully. Again it must mix well with the whole attire.

If you want people to notice and compliment what you are wearing, you need to understand the art of dressing up. Remember, first impression counts. Well-made Nehru jacket is a good investment. Just make sure you choose the right pants and shoes.

Once you know it, stand up and stand proud! Why? Coz’ you look awesome!!!!

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