The Nehru Jacket is gaining much popularity in Southern Asia nowadays. From ethnic to western wear, people are wearing it everywhere and with everything.

What distinguishes this jacket from a normal suit jacket is its mandarin collar, which was originally a part of the court dress in northern India. This collar is a short (1-2″ / stand-2-5 cm) stand-up collar that is not turned down and does not feature a lapel.

The big question here is how to accessories your Nehru jacket that will make you look apart and at the same time make you feel comfortable. There are various ways in which you can bring out the elegance of a bandhgala Nehru jacket. It is a very versatile piece of clothing and also, a guy’s best friend! You can wear it as easily for a casual brunch or a cocktail party and obviously as an ethnic option. This jacket adds that edge that you require to look yourself and at the same time, different and more stylish from others.

So let’s find out the ways in which you can accessories your Nehru jacket:

1.      The first option on accessorizing it is with a cool pair of Jodhpuri chapals. It will look awesomely elegant if you are the groom, or attending a groom’s function. Raghavendra Rathore has already made this look pretty popular and girls absolutely love it!


2.      Play a different stroke and pair it up with a kurta and a dhoti! You will feel smart and desi at the same time. It is an awesome option to try out.

3.      Move away with the boring black and white jackets, try the ombre soft pink and purple ones. They are best suited for the puja functions at your home and outside. A great ethnic look too!

4.      Buttons look very smart on a Nehru jacket. Try this option out. It will look very stylish with a square pocket too.

5.      Put a stylish swan shaped handkerchief in the Nehru Jacket pocket and flaunt Nehru’s style in a modern manner!

6.      You old pair of rugged jeans will pair up most perfectly with the Nehru jacket. Blue jeans and a white Nehru jacket is a killer combination. Pair up these two old friends and you will have a great look and many many admirers!

7.      A classic pair of Ray Ban glares will add that extra oomph in your look while wearing a Nehru jacket. Its best suited for official meetings.

Ray Ban

These points written and told; now you do not have to worry about your Nehru jacket “look”. This list will keep you covered!

Nehru jacket is simple, comfortable and elegant and it will never go out of style. With Nehru ji’s birthday coming up in a couple of days, pay some tribute and buy yourself one cool Nehru jacket and even two if you want to!

They are pure unadulterated classic attire that can be pulled off with anything and everything. So do not hesitate and buy the jacket now!

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