The world of fashion is a cycle and some apparel might be popular today, but it will become outdated for the next few years, and for the following years, it becomes the latest trend. This is the case of Nehru jackets. Although, it was one of the classic apparels, it is still seen as one of the trendiest jackets today. But, it also has gone through ups and downs.

The Origin

Nehru Jacket has been one of the most iconic outfits in the 1960’s for spy guys. Basically, it named after the Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru from 1947 to 1964. Basically, it was first seen in 1964 when the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had a shoot in Vogue magazine. Everybody knows that Vogue is a popular magazine that plays an important role in fashion industry because it influences designers, models and fashionholics. Due to its influence, Nehru Jacket started to gain popularity. The Nehru jacket is a single-breasted, close-fitted coat with no lapels, but has a stand-up collar.


During that time, the Beatles, who are the popular rock group travelled to India in order to study their meditation techniques, and soon began wearing Nehru jackets. Settling in the original in order to meet the mid 1960s taste for minimalistic design, the coat was given a clearer and more on jacket look, which leads to a cleaner visibility in the mainstream. World’s famous designer Oleg Cassini has clients like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, has claimed duty for making the jacket trendy. He designed a clothing line for Johnny Carson, who captured attention from millions of audiences. Of course, Nehru himself was seen around the world in with the shakers and movers, including the Kennedys.

The Evolution

The jackets quickly became popular. Stars from the talk show Johnny Carson to football celebrity Joe Namath wore Nehru jackets. Nehru jackets were made from a variety of materials aside from plain wool and cotton, including vinyl, sharkskin and brocade. The Nehru jacket fashion craze ended in just few years. Unexpectedly, it became a symbol of both dated and outdated style of clothing. Unfortunately, a person wearing the jacket came to signify an aging loser, trying unsuccessfully to be cool and hip, which is an image that has continued for decades. During early 2000s, in the Austin Powers movies, the Nehru jacket was used to express the awkwardness geeky hipness geeky side of the character. However, in the world of fashion, what is considered obsolete by the previous generation becomes fashionable for another. When the Nehru jacket began to appear in fashion magazines in 1990, the again desirable garment became a guru suit once again.  Bill Clinton, the former U.S. president was seen in a tuxedo, but with a Nehru jacket.

How it is incorporated as a luxury wearing item today

Basically, it features a front-buttoned and fabric covered buttons. The warmth and thickness of the jacket may differ from region to region. They cannot only be worn for specific climates, like winters but can also be worn any month of the year.

Wearing a Nehru Suit Jacket Today

The jackets are well thought-out to be luminous articles of clothing today. Man wearing these jackets make influential and powerful statements and gained much attention very easily. It can also be worn with a bright colored pocket square. This goes the same with the western apparel that features Pants and Jacket. There are pairs of apparels that would match Nehru Jacket and would eventually complete the Nehru Suit, not on traditional version, but on modern version. You can pair it with matched colors to look exactly modernized.

The jacket work best when you do not put many accessories. As the years pass by, men of peculiarity used to wear Nehru Jackets in Black colors along with a red colored pocket squares for special and official events such as important meetings for the state or corporate meetings. The elegant and simple construction, together with the fact that this is a flexible style that can be pooled with matching trousers or with Blazers, makes the jacket a garment for all fashionable men. As mentioned above, the Jacket work best if it is incorporate into simplicity with stylish colors. But, if you want it in a simpler color for serious events, Black is the color of choice.

Though some people may not adore the Jackets, when complimented with the right accessories, it becomes the powerful statement!

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