Reupholstery (verb)

The art of giving a refreshing new look and feel to your old sofa sets, chairs and couches.


We have over 1000 shades and designs of finest upholstery to match every mood and interior of your living room and our expert artisans maintain highest quality standards will giving a new look to your old sofa sets and also ensure precision in workmanship.

The service is currently available only in Ranchi, Jharkhand. 




The Tweed Story

Tweed is a mainstay of traditional tailoring; it is the cloth of royalty and aristocracy, fly-fishers and deerstalkers, bespectacled academics, Doctor Whos, fictional detectives, politicians and leaders of fashion.

Tweed is a woollen twill cloth woven in herringbone, checked, covert (speckled) and houndstooth patterns. Tweed originated in rural Scotland and is still produced there. Its name reflects both its weave and its national origins. Initially, “tweed” was a misreading of tweel (the Scots form of twill). This misapprehension was aided by the cloth’s association with the River Tweed. The term quickly took off.

Our Autumn Winter 2018 Collection is all about the magic of Tweeds.

tweed season

4 Rules to Flaunt Your Nehru Jacket in the Most Stylish Way!

A Nehru jacket is not just a single purpose or a single occasion entity. You can ooze charm with it whether you are at a cocktail party or if you are in a prayer gathering; the jacket still works well. In the same fashion, these Nehru jackets are also pro in showing you as handsome hunk despite the petite tummy that you may be hiding from the mirror.
Just like this Nehru jacket is compatible with every occasion, it also goes with varied bottom wear options. You can pair it up with Jodhpuri pants, pajama, tweeds, trousers, jeans or chinos. A man can never go wrong with this jacket as his choice of attire. The jacket is worn at different occasions, as the fashion industry has also blessed us with wide-range of Nehru jacket types. It is considered the most versatile clothing piece trending now.
Do follow these rules next time you choose to buy, wear, or suggest a Nehru jacket. These rules and hacks can be of great help in showing you as a classy and contemporary dude:
1.    With Denims:
Why not? You can pair up your denim pants with Nehru jackets. This is the new fusion that will make you look to-date trendy. The fusion of this pair can be completed by choosing a bright and funky color for the jacket. Ditching the old-style beige and dark colored jackets for light-colored ones gets you a pop look. Complement this jacket with a dark shirt underneath.
2.    Planning for formal wear?
Heading to a wedding or a dinner night that needs a formal dress code to be followed? Choose your Nehru jacket that goes well with a shirt and formal pants. Remember, all the pieces must be well tailored for a formal outfit to look formal enough. And don’t forget, shoes do the talking too. Brogues and loafers can be a good choice for this formal dress code.
3.    Need to look casual, yet trendy?
Pick light colored Nehru jackets for pulling off a casual look. Wearing a light-colored jacket over a shirt gives a good look for sure, but it may be too mainstreamed. Try sporting a full sleeve t-shirt underneath open Nehru jacket; you are ready to swipe off few feet.
4.    Nehru jackets for Indian look?
Nothing else could make a better choice than a Nehru jacket for an Indian look. However, one needs to make smarter decisions while choosing colors and fabric for the preferred Indian look. You can adorn this jacket over a kurta to get a complete ethnic look. To boost up the Indian look, go for designs and fabrics that are Indian based. For example, choose for designs like peacocks, temple tower, etc. and fabrics like khadi.
Nehru jackets are one masterpiece of clothing, and it’s a must-have clothing in everyone’s wardrobe. The aforesaid rules will help you enhance your looks while embellishing yourself with a Nehru jacket. It is time to flaunt the new side of you with the all-time newest attire.

Colour Trends For Summers That You Definitely Need to Know!

Summer is the perfect time show off our fashion side to the world. Whereas, Indian summer can be a bit too bright and a bit sweaty when compared to the West. But, hold on! Fashion does not stop with the changing weathers in India. We, Indians, are always outfit-ready for every pattern of cloud cover.

As we step into our monsoon days, lets bid bye to summer, for now, only to welcome it again next year. And, it is time to look back at the coolest fashion trends that were a hit in this summer of 2018. Following is the discussion of outfits, colors, and fabrics that made itself a ‘statement wear’ for this summer. Studying this trend may help you to be ready well-ahead in time for the next summer. There were a lot of new outfits that not only made heads turn but also promised comfort and coziness to the one wears it.

Some cool trends followed in the last summer are listed below.

  1. Pastels:

The biggest hit of the season was the pastel colors. Simply put, pastels are mild, creamy colors that soothe you on hot summers. Pastel colors trended everywhere from weddings to workplace. The subtlety and femininity oozed through these hues are unmatched with other light shades that were ruling the summer trends until then. When pastels meet the right fabric, it becomes super-ready to be your favorite outfit of the season. Not just for summers, these pastel outfits can be worn any time of the year. These pastel colors predominantly include softer shades of pink, lavender, pistachio, peach, and blue. These colors remind us of all comforting things of summers such as ice creams, cotton candies, cherry blossoms, and beaches. And our Nehru Jackets in pastel shades will definitely make you the diva of the lot!

  1. Floral prints

Just like pastels, florals are something that makes sure to give you a fresh look despite the hot weather. The once-popular theme of printing florals is back in vogue again, and this time with more details added to the fabric that holds these patterns. These prints also included terrestrial designs.

  1. Over-sized tees and tops

Indian summer can be too sweaty sometimes. Here comes over-sized t-shirts and tops to your rescue. As these loose cloth pieces trended this summer, you need not find embarrassing to put on one during lazy sunny Sunday. Loose clothes will now keep you feel breezy, yet stylish.

  1. Experimental geometric frames

Another head turner of this season is the experimentation with different geometrical frames. Kitsch glasses and Gucci frames made a statement this season. So, you have a sure choice to make for sunglasses henceforth.

  1. Cotton

Last but not the least, our summer favorite and our skin favorite fabric—cotton. Cotton outfits never go out of style, especially for Indian weather. Any outfit made out of cotton suits our skin and skin tone. There is no second thought given over the fabric for summer when the fabric is cotton. Match this fabric with any colors, dark or mild or rustic; it always ends up showing you elegant.

More than every other new trend, it was the pastels that made a big impact in the summer fashion. These ice-cream colors stole our heart once for all.

Various Types of Nehru Jackets That You Didn’t Know About!

Fashion is not just limited to women now. Men have become more fashion conscious and started following the fashion trend. The one attire that has not lost its charm since the day it came into existence is our favorite and famous Nehru Jacket. It gives a simple, yet elegant look to every man who adorns it. Although the name stamps this jacket to be an Indian garment, it still makes a strong impression worldwide. They come in all types of fabrics such as velvet, cotton, woollen etc.
Ten  types of Nehru jackets are discussed further:
1.    Velvet Nehru Jacket
Yes! This jacket is made of velvet, and the choice of fabric gives a rich and posh look to your attire altogether. The attire can be worn for festival, party and formal occasions. It is the best piece of clothing for winter night and keeps you feel cozy with its soft fabric, however it cannot be an appropriate garment for a sunny days. It may need maintenance like dry cleaning as this piece gets wrinkled easily.
2.     Sleeveless Nehru Jacket
Current favorite of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is must-owned attire by everyone. It can be ironical that this attire being worn by many senior citizens (also political figures), it still tops the trendsetters in fashion industry. It is worn mainly as a formal and semi-formal wear; however, the casual sleeveless tops are now becoming a craze among the fashion-loving men.
3.    Poly-viscose Nehru Jacket
This is the best Nehru jacket for Indian climate, especially for the steaming hot summer. It is an easy-maintenance cloth piece that lets you sweat-free with its breathable fabric material.
4.    Double breasted Nehru Jacket
Have a hefty figure? This jacket will come in handy. Preferably a formal choice, this, in addition, gives a fit look to the person wearing it.
5.    Full sleeves Nehru Jacket and Slim-fit Nehru Jacket
Bollywood’s favorite fashion statement is here. Choose a full sleeve Nehru jacket to show off your style statement and increase your glam. It is worn mainly for festive and party occasion, and worn comparably less as casual wear.
On the contrary, the slim-fit jackets are worn for all the occasions (as a fusion of modern and ethnic wear), and one can show off his fit and well-built body through this jacket.
6.    Woollen Nehru Jacket
Woolen Nehru jacket comes under must-have category in a man’s wardrobe. This jacket type is completely wrinkle free, dirt resistant, and it has a breathable fabric. It is a winter- and autumn-suitable jacket. The only hitch of this jacket is that it can be a bit expensive; therefore, it needs a little more maintenance than other jackets.
7.    Cotton and Khadi Nehru Jacket
Both being made of almost similar fabric, yet they differ in their own way.
Need an elegant and classy look? Choose a Khadi Nehru jacket.
Looking for a quirky and trendy jacket? Opt for cotton Nehru Jacket.
 Both the jackets come in breathable fabric and cheaper cost. They can be worn in both summer and winter climate.
8.    Jute Nehru Jackets
These jackets are teen’s favorite choice. They are inexpensive, breathable fabric as well as a comfortable option.
9.    Linen Nehru Jacket
This jacket is a flaunt-worthy piece of cloth as it adds a contemporary glam quotient to your wardrobe.
10.    Silk Nehru Jacket
Silk Nehru jacket is an expensive variant of Nehru jackets that make it worth the cost with the richness it provides along with the all-season trending contemporary look.
Go ahead and make your choice!!!

How to Store Your Expensive Clothes in Summer? Know the Right Way!

Our wardrobe is our pretty little asset that we are very much fond of and, of course, proud of. Who doesn’t want to flaunt their expensive ethnic closet at his or her best friend’s wedding? Will there be anyone who doesn’t want to get into his or her cozy hand-woven woolen sweater at the breezy nights of winter? How can one miss wearing those leather jackets on drizzling mornings?

Well, we are so particular when it comes to dressing for an occasion. Be it a wedding or a busy working Monday, we never forget to pick an appropriate outfit for every celebration, weather, mood, and what not.

Thanks to the textile industries worldwide that blessed us with a great number of fabric choices for our wardrobe. Silk, cotton, brocade, woolen, Cashmere are some examples of these fabrics. We look for many details when we choose to buy an expensive outfit. Whereas after buying, we end up worrying the ways to safeguard it. When summer arrives, it is an added task to safeguard your expensive winter clothes along with other occasionally used clothes. Let’s look at some ideas and hacks that could come in handy while storing your clothes during summer.

  1. Store only clean clothes

Whether it is a winter clothing piece, such as sweater, scarf, Cashmere shawl etc, or any garment for that matter, it is very important to wash the clothes appropriately before storing it. Besides washing, it is also necessary to dry them completely before stacking it up. Only clean and dry clothes can ensure the long-term storage without any damage to the cloth by fungus and moth. Moths are lured by the body perfumes, scents and food odor etc. Drying the clothes in summer can be bit daunting, as the sunlight during these days cannot be very welcoming to the outfits that are vulnerable to fading.  If not sunlight, you can always air dry them in your room in order to get rid of these foreign unwanted guests.

  1. Wrap it up

Wrapping the clothes with another layer of protection can help in many ways to protect your dear expensive clothes. The layer of protection depends on the fabric of the garment. For example, woolen outfits and silk or Cashmere knit shawls must be covered in transparent airtight plastic bags or covers.  However, some garments require to be covered by a layer that can give little ventilation. When ventilation is spoken about, it is also important to choose your closet that provides aeration to your wardrobe. As much as a garden, your closet has life too. The closet has to be dry and void of moisture. To ensure a dry surface, chemical desiccant can be used to absorb moisture.

  1. Fold the right way

There are a lot of options when it comes to clothing. Not all the garments behave the same way, though. Not all are treated the same way, too. Some may need to be folded, whereas some may need to be hanged. The one embellished with stones, pearls, laces etc. need to be protected with acid-free tissue paper in between each layer. Therefore, read the instructions of every garment before washing and storing it.

These are some of the little steps that can be ensured before storing your expensive clothes in summer. So get started to store it the right way, and let your expensive clothes take a long summer nap.

How to Take Care of Your Clothes in Summer: A Comprehensive Guide

Summer is already around the corner and as it onsets, it brings about a lot of challenges. Be it our skin care routine, work out routine, household activities or clothes, almost everything changes as soon as summer begins.

One of the most important challenge is to take care of your summer clothes effectively. Through our research, we have come across ways in which you can take care of your clothes.

  1. Separate the Whites

The first step you take is to separate your whites from rest of your clothes. After you are done with it, you need to set the washing machine to hot, and choose a detergent which is an alternative to bleach. You can also add washing soda to boost the whiteness of your clothes and to clean the armpits.

  1. Dry cleaning

Clothes such as Khadis and silk clothes tend to wrinkle and ultimately lose its glow if you wash them in normal detergent. Thus sending them out for dry cleaning helps keep up the same shine and quality of the cloth material. So get your beloved Nehru Jackets dry cleaned and then wear them with aplomb!

  1. Avoid washing delicate clothes in your washing machine

lingerie come with warning that say “hand wash”. Apparently, washing machine tends to shrink the fabric and damage it. Hence, hand wash your delicate so that they last longer and their fabric doesn’t wither out.

  1. Do not leave your clothes in the sun for too long

As observed, keeping clothes out in the sun for too long leads to colour fading. That is why, after your clothes are completely dry, fold them and keep them in an organised way.

  1. Ironing with care

Learn how to iron clothes according to their cloth material. Adjustment of temperature of the iron will help keep up the cloth material. Generally this is the adjustment for temperature

•Linen: 445° F

•Cotton: 400° F

•Viscose/Rayon: 375° F

•Wool: 300° F

•Acrylic: 275° F

•Polyester: 300° F

•Silk: 300° F

•Acetate: 290° F

•Lycra: 275° F

•Nylon: 275° F

  1. Dress after make up and hairdo

Cosmetic materials can seriously damage the clothes and thus, dress after you are done with your makeup and Hairdo to avoid any dye or hairspray to harm your cloth.

  1. Invest in a steamer

A steamer helps get rid of wrinkles while your clothes still hang on the hangers. This way, you can make your outfits ever ready to wear without any need of Ironing them.